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It’s pretty much a given that art was going to change and keep changing when it merged with computers. Part of that change includes the way electronic art is viewed and distributed, especially when it comes to social networking.

Almost everyone you meet has some form of social networking account. For a lot of those people, more than half of their social networking is done through shared pictures. These pictures are mostly captioned pieces or simply text on a colored background. Both are examples of textual artwork. They might not be as fancy or take as much time (more…)

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Art has never been a stranger to embracing the revolutionary technology of the day. Current artists are faced with the plethora of possibilities being ushered in by the digital age. These possibilities have manifested themselves as virtual installation art accessible via the Internet, collaborative digital products accessible to anyone with a computer the world over, and new mediums made possible through applications running on computers. The ease with which this artwork can be distributed is perhaps the most revolutionary factor associated with producing digital work. Seeking the assistance of galleries for exposure is no longer necessary. Social networking sites (more…)

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If you have cable.tv, then you’ve probably seen stuff like Art:21 – Art in the 21st Century. It’s a PBS miniseries produced biennially that dives deep into the world of modern art. They cover everything from photographs to paintings and even digital art.

The digital medium, though only recently getting the attention it deserves, has been around since the 1970s. Artists like Wade Guyton and Pascal Dombis and Joseph Nechvatal are just a handful of the visionaries working and producing in the digital medium.

For some, the digital medium is the logical progression or evolution of human creativity and passion fueled by the technological advances of our time. You don’t just have 3D generated images, you have paintings made by computer AIs, virtual environment projected on white walls, and even abstracts prints of solid colors that all combine to create something truly evocative of a technological time period.

Despite what some purists might consider to be “faux art” the fact of the matter is that the digital medium is something we as human beings simply cannot ignore. Technology and the digital domain are woven so deep into our lives we can scarcely imagine a world without. That kind of influence informs our art style.

The Digital Medium will never go away. It will simply change.

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Although the traditional method of doing design work is here to stay, computer generated art has certainly taken the lead in most practical applications. Artists have also adopted the keyboard as a substitute for the pallette, and their brushes.

Whether formally trained, or self taught, creating artwork with the help of the computer offers the artist endless possibilities when creating unique designs. No matter what level of experience an artist or designer might have, there is software available to meet any (more…)

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The mouse is the new brush when it comes to Digital Arts. Digital Arts and Crafts are growing rapidly in the art world for a number of reasons. Anything digital cuts out on the mess and also the price of supplies. Usually if you were going to paint a beautiful portrait you would need paint, a paint brush, something to paint on, some paper or something to put underneath your work place to catch the falling paint, and more. When constructing a portrait digitally all of those extra tools are irrelevant, saving you (more…)

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New and more advanced graphic design software has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those interested in visual media. With the ever increasing sophistication the chance for even those of novice skill level to create striking, high quality and impressive visual images has never been greater. For those artists who work within the industry, having a better and more effective way to create images can be very valuable.

Novices and those interested in graphic design more as a hobby are in a position (more…)

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The beauty of electronic and digital art is that it is often even more detailed than regular art. These types of art forms are fairly recent. Thanks to the creation of computers, they are now possible. This type of art has an even more realistic look. If it is done by a master artist, then it can be some of the best art that you have ever seen.

The beauty of these two types of art is in the realistic nature of the art. Creating this art can be a lot of fun, but it can take some time (more…)

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Since the advent of the computer, todays modern artist now has a way to express their work digitally using various digital graphic programs. Using the computer for creating art is relatively new, but the technology is constantly evolving, and in just a short time span, creating digital graphics has become a permanent mainstay in the art world. There are two basic types of computer graphics, 2D and 3D.

2D computer graphics, referred to as two dimensional, is a (more…)