May 2012

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The mouse is the new brush when it comes to Digital Arts. Digital Arts and Crafts are growing rapidly in the art world for a number of reasons. Anything digital cuts out on the mess and also the price of supplies. Usually if you were going to paint a beautiful portrait you would need paint, a paint brush, something to paint on, some paper or something to put underneath your work place to catch the falling paint, and more. When constructing a portrait digitally all of those extra tools are irrelevant, saving you (more…)

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New and more advanced graphic design software has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those interested in visual media. With the ever increasing sophistication the chance for even those of novice skill level to create striking, high quality and impressive visual images has never been greater. For those artists who work within the industry, having a better and more effective way to create images can be very valuable.

Novices and those interested in graphic design more as a hobby are in a position (more…)

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The beauty of electronic and digital art is that it is often even more detailed than regular art. These types of art forms are fairly recent. Thanks to the creation of computers, they are now possible. This type of art has an even more realistic look. If it is done by a master artist, then it can be some of the best art that you have ever seen.

The beauty of these two types of art is in the realistic nature of the art. Creating this art can be a lot of fun, but it can take some time (more…)

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Since the advent of the computer, todays modern artist now has a way to express their work digitally using various digital graphic programs. Using the computer for creating art is relatively new, but the technology is constantly evolving, and in just a short time span, creating digital graphics has become a permanent mainstay in the art world. There are two basic types of computer graphics, 2D and 3D.

2D computer graphics, referred to as two dimensional, is a (more…)