Since the advent of the computer, todays modern artist now has a way to express their work digitally using various digital graphic programs. Using the computer for creating art is relatively new, but the technology is constantly evolving, and in just a short time span, creating digital graphics has become a permanent mainstay in the art world. There are two basic types of computer graphics, 2D and 3D.

2D computer graphics, referred to as two dimensional, is a form of digital design that uses only two dimensions, height and width. A good example of this is a digital photograph that is uploaded to a computer. Essentially, the photo can be manipulated using various photo software programs. In this case, the artist works within the realm of only height and width.

3D computer graphics contains both height and width, but also contains depth. The digital artist has more options for creating more complex graphics, and can create various objects, graphs, and animations which appear to have depth. Think of 2D as just a plain flat photograph on the screen, and 3D as the picture of a cube or other object which shows it’s depth as well as the height and width.