The mouse is the new brush when it comes to Digital Arts. Digital Arts and Crafts are growing rapidly in the art world for a number of reasons. Anything digital cuts out on the mess and also the price of supplies. Usually if you were going to paint a beautiful portrait you would need paint, a paint brush, something to paint on, some paper or something to put underneath your work place to catch the falling paint, and more. When constructing a portrait digitally all of those extra tools are irrelevant, saving you money. Also, sharing and distributing your work will become that much easier and quicker. Now every great thing does have a downside, Digital Arts has very little.

The only negative that I could find and yes research has been done, was that It is kind of difficult to navigate a mouse or laptop pad with the same exact accuracy as a paint brush. Know how some mouses are funky and hard to slide across the pad, yea. As of a negative it can easily be turned into a positive buy buying an instrument from a computer store to make this easier. Should not be to hard with all the money you would be saving.