If you have cable.tv, then you’ve probably seen stuff like Art:21 – Art in the 21st Century. It’s a PBS miniseries produced biennially that dives deep into the world of modern art. They cover everything from photographs to paintings and even digital art.

The digital medium, though only recently getting the attention it deserves, has been around since the 1970s. Artists like Wade Guyton and Pascal Dombis and Joseph Nechvatal are just a handful of the visionaries working and producing in the digital medium.

For some, the digital medium is the logical progression or evolution of human creativity and passion fueled by the technological advances of our time. You don’t just have 3D generated images, you have paintings made by computer AIs, virtual environment projected on white walls, and even abstracts prints of solid colors that all combine to create something truly evocative of a technological time period.

Despite what some purists might consider to be “faux art” the fact of the matter is that the digital medium is something we as human beings simply cannot ignore. Technology and the digital domain are woven so deep into our lives we can scarcely imagine a world without. That kind of influence informs our art style.

The Digital Medium will never go away. It will simply change.