Art has never been a stranger to embracing the revolutionary technology of the day. Current artists are faced with the plethora of possibilities being ushered in by the digital age. These possibilities have manifested themselves as virtual installation art accessible via the Internet, collaborative digital products accessible to anyone with a computer the world over, and new mediums made possible through applications running on computers. The ease with which this artwork can be distributed is perhaps the most revolutionary factor associated with producing digital work. Seeking the assistance of galleries for exposure is no longer necessary. Social networking sites and free web templates for homepages are now rampantly available. Virtually no knowledge of “html” or programming is necessary.

The drawing and painting Apps being developed for tablets have also made a major impact on artists. Rather than having to carry a sketchbook and drawing media with them on the go, artist now simply carry the digital tablet that is equipped with the latest application. Once the drawing or painting is complete, it can be instantly shared with the world through Facebook or Twitter. Social media sites have also made it easier for artists to share technology and develop ideas with each other. Specialized groups on social media are setup with the expressed purpose of bringing artists across the globe together.